Catalog of goods 2020 from China

Product catalog and price tracking for products from china

PriceBoard is a website that provides a huge selection of products from Chinese online markets. All available products are displayed in English and ready to be shipped worldwide in between 12 and 60 days. PriceBoard provides product price checking and easy specifications comparison. If you are interested in buying from Chinese stores with a cashback or coupon codes, PriceBoard is able to show you a selection of cheapest Chinese products.

Delivery of goods is carried out almost to the countries of the world from China: USA, Canada, Great Britain, Germany, Spain, Italy and many other countries. The PriceBoard website contains goods that may already be in your country. Such goods can often cost more, but the delivery time will be reduced to several days.

The advantage of buying goods from China is that goods from China are much cheaper than in any other online store in your city. In addition, the assortment of goods exceeds more than 10 million different goods, including spare parts, equipment and many other things that are not in demand among ordinary consumers.

PriceBoard website Offers you to get acquainted with a large assortment of goods from China with the ability to compare and see how the dynamics of prices of goods has changed with Aliexpress. We are actively working to improve our service, and we even invite you to subscribe to our Facebook page. Here we post interesting products that may interest you